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C O N S U L T I N G    S P E C I A L I T I E S

Research Planning

Need to get authorship credits or design a dissertation project? Do you have a research need but are not sure how to execute it? Need to track efficacy or attrition to programsThe Key offers our consultation services to organizations, individuals, and clinicians wishing to implement a research program related to the mental health field. Fees for these services are $115.00 per billable hour, authorship rights are not requested except when original research ideas are purchased from The Key. We have experience in identifying appropriate measures, survey development, measurement norming, experimental design selection, and statistical analyses. We also have experience with peer-reviewed publication processes and professional research presentations. 

Professional Editing

Working on a thesis or dissertation? Need to submit a publication in APA format? The Key offers professional editing for scholarly works in the Psychological fields. We edit proposals, manuscripts, and presentations in APA format. Our fee for these services is $50.00 per billable hour. We choose to charge an hourly rate over a page length rate due to the fact that page length does not necessarily predict complexity; complexity depends on planned analyses, graphics such as tables and charts, and planned submission or review processes. We can offer a rough estimate based on these factors, as well as the assessed level of editing required by the author(s) and the deadlines requested. 

Curriculum Design

Running groups or workshops for specific needs populations? Want more participation and better results?  The Key offers curriculum design for targeted populations. Fees for these services are $115.00 per billable hour. Copyright and licensing fees are additional. We have experience in designing interventions and curriculums for groups that address specific needs of populations with shared problems and common goals. These curriculums are based on both extensive literature reviews, colloborations with experts, and clinical experience. When designing a curriculum, we feel it is best to also organize a research plan to test curriculum effectiveness.

Workshops and Trainings

The Key offers training opportunites to various organizations in town for mental health workers. Our trainings are focused on improving front line intervention, updating information based on current regulations and research findings, and supporting practitioners, non-profits, and organizations involved in mental health services. The costs for these training are $200.00 per hour of training; when our schedule permits, we may do trainings pro bono as part of our community outreach commitment. Currently we do not offer continuing education credit for these trainings.

Service Delivery Planning

Does your organization deliver mental health care services to clients in and around the San Antonio area? Do you deliver other health services and need a mental health care component? Do you wish your existing services were allocated more efficiently? We can help! At The Key, we value helping our colleagues streamline, expand, and/or improve the overall effectiveness of these programs. Our community collaboration approach may also put you in touch with other partners serving similar populations. Our fees for these services are $115.00 per billable hour. Contact us for more information on how we might be able to help.

T H E   C O N S U L T A N T S

Amy Wilson  


Parent Involvement Specialist


I hold a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies and an MA in Community Counseling from the University of Texas at San Antonio. I also own Olive Branch Counseling of SA. My experience includes over 14 years of working with special populations.  I am particularly passionate about supporting teachers and parents in their work with children.  It is such a joy for me to work with children of all ages and their parents.  I believe positive and strong relationships are the foundation of a healthy child.

Most of my professional life has been devoted to supporting students receiving special education services in the school system.  I have worked with students with a variety of abilities, including Gifted and Talented and ASD populations, and have always enjoyed the unique challenges they bring.  In addition to my work with children, I work as a parent involvement specialist. This involves strengthening teacher-child and parent-child realtionships through workshops and trainings, and designing curriculums to address special education needs of these dyads. 

I believe in the work that I do and I find great joy in collaboration and consultation with others.   I am grateful for the gift to be able to share wisdom and come together with others to do great things. 

Contact Information
Amy Wilson


Lavelda J  Naylor 


Researcher, Therapist

OWNER, Clinician, Consultant

I hold a BA in Psychology from the University of Texas at San Antonio, summa cum laude, and a MA in Marriage and Family Therapy from St. Mary’s University, Distinguished Graduate. My experience includes over 20 years working in the creative fields of retail services, design, and psychological research. I have always enjoyed technical writing and have an eye for detail. I enjoy using a multidisciplinary, creative  approach to planning and executing a task. 

I practice a scientist-practitioner approach to therapy and continue to do research alongside my clinical practice.  Early on, my interests were focused around attentional processing;  I have researched the link between attitudes and intentions regarding medication for ADHD symptoms (Pillow, Naylor, & Malone, 2012) and attention mechanisms bilinguals use to manage language interference (Naylor, Staley, & Wicha, 2012). My present interests are centered around intervention; I am currently working on  curriculum design and testing for families struggling with developmental issues and life cycle changes, as well as how technology impacts therapy experiences and outcomes (particularly video game research). To view my resume, visit my Linked In page or see CV.

Contact Information
Lavelda J Naylor
4230 Gardendale
Suite 502
San Antonio, Tx 78229